When we think about sexuality, what comes to our minds is often the genitals (male or female) and sex as penetration. But sexuality is much more than that. It is our life force, our creativity, our ability to enjoy and to play.

I draw on many years of experience working one on one with clients, my personal experience in exploring sexuality, and more than 10 years of continuing education evolving from hands-on, somatic approaches, neuroscience to psychology. Although I have worked on infinite aspects of sexuality these are areas in which I believe I have the most experience and that I am most passionate about.

Individual Sessions

You want to change your relationship with your body, rediscover your sexuality, find new ways to have pleasure, overcome sexuality-related blocks or deal with physical or psychological trauma.


I have a great passion about helping peers in developing their practice, self care and boundaries. After years of experience in the sexuality field everything I have learned I like to pass it to others.


Learn and experiment in
a group setting with
like minded people.

Individual Session Types

Personalized Session

I don’t believe that there is one approach that works with everyone because every person is unique and so is their story. For this reason every session is different as it is the modality.

Cost: 80 € / 60 mins
(in person or online)

Exploring BDSM

My approach to BDSM goes beyond the practical. I love to explore the depths of what draws us into the dynamics of power and what we need to thrive and not fall into the simple surface feeding pattern.

Cost: 150 € / 60 mins
(in person only)

Supervisions for Professionals

I have a great passion about helping peers in developing their practice, self care and boundaries. I’m also very passionate about building ethical practices in order to protect clients and practitioners from harm.

Cost: 100 € / 60 mins
(in person or online)

Free Introductory Call

Free exploratory call to see if I am the right person for you for this part of your journey.

Cost: free

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