Individual sessions

When we think about sexuality, what comes to our minds is often the genitals (male or female) and sex as penetration. But sexuality is much more than that. It is our life force, our creativity, our ability to enjoy and to play.

My job is to support you and guide you through the search for what you need to feel confident and discover your strengths and inner resources.

The sessions offer a safe and supportive way to recover your body and feel good with the physical touch. Sex is a fundamental human element, which brings pleasure, joy, ease, connection and incarnation into our lives.

During the sessions you will learn how to restore your boundaries and you’ll experience your own authentic YES.

As a survivor of sexual abuse you may wish to find your path from sexual trauma to sexual pleasure. The touch of another person can be a reason for vulnerability. In order to be able to let go, enjoy and explore by involving the parasympathetic nervous system is essential so that you feel safe.

Contemporary neuroscience confirms that we can only heal and change when we physically experience the pleasure and sense of safety in sexuality. Traditional therapy does not always manage to get so deep when you face the trauma and you want to reclaim sexual pleasure.

Fortunately, the unhealthy models previously connected with the excitement and pleasure can be safely replaced and reshaped with new healthy associations within the body and mind. Also through the experience of active consent.

Tantra Massage

Do you want to give yourself an unforgettable experience? Do you want to explore the potential of your body and the ability to feel and enjoy?

You can experience the transformative power of touch. Touch and pleasure are as essential as food and water when it comes to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When received with full awareness, touch can be a powerful tool to connect us with our most natural, sensual and happy self. I bring awareness, compassion, feminine flow and a profound respect in my sessions to create a delightful energy of awakening in the body, stimulating the senses and calming the busy mind.

Tantra massage is like a journey into yourself, through your inner universe. During this journey, the loving and conscious touch helps you connect with parts and aspects of yourself, which usually do not get much attention.

Online sessions

Online sessions offer all the possibilities as in person session, excluding touch. Clients are guided through self-exploration experiences along with other embodiment practices.

It is generally believed that coaching needs to be in person to be powerful, and that online coaching can lower the impact.

I’ve worked with a lot of clients online and it’s just as effective as coaching in person. My clients are often surprised at how intense it is.

Expanded triadic model

If you are already followed by a therapist, but you feel that to implement a real change you need to work also at the somatic level, the triadic model is what you might need.

Otherwise you can also undertake this path with me and my colleague psychotherapist, with whom I work in great harmony.

Supervision for therapists and educators

I offer supervision, support and mentoring for therapists, coaches, educators and other professionals.

I specialize in:

  • Sexuality
  • Alternative sexualities
  • Consent and boundaries
  • Power dynamics
  • Trauma and nervous system

I can help you if you have lost the enthusiasm of meeting your clients and just feel the fatigue of your work.

Ideal for debriefing after a difficult session, to discuss practical issues and ideas to fully support your clients.


Rates and services

  • Individual session 80 euro / 60 min

    First session

  • Indvidual session 120 euro / 90 min

    Individual sessions have a duration of 90 or 120 min

  • Online Session 80 euro / 60 min
  • Supervision for therapists 100 euro / 60 min
  • BDSM exploration 150 euro / 60 min
  • Free exploratory call FREE / 15 min

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