A path to conscious sexuality

Somatic sex education is a new exciting discipline that transforms your life through body awareness in the form of erotic Embodiment (incarnation/erotic implementation). This is through the use of body-based experimental techniques to expand the ability to live life in the deepest and most conscious way possible!

Starting from a conscious somatic practice and a profound respect towards the individual needs of each individual, the sexological bodywork He uses the latest discoveries of neuroscience and sexology to accompany the student towards the growth of his own erotic ability which in turn influences and nurtures empathy towards oneself and others.

Through the practice of contact/touch the educator helps students to develop awareness of the body and to learn how it can feel more and more alive.

SB is able to offer an environment of loving and complete acceptance to all students, regardless of their erotic identities, their challenges, their wounds and their joys. This is because all they teach was first experienced on themselves. They have “lived on their skin” all the challenges that you may encounter to become erotically incarnate.

With a slow, attentive and skillful touch, donated in a very safe situation completely controlled by the needs of the student, you can learn what is possible.

As a society we have received distorted messages regarding sexuality. Somatic sexual educators teach the genital anatomy, the physiology of multiple orgasms, how to touch, how to negotiate desires and many other things about sex. All this helps to develop more awareness skills. It is possible to develop more awareness and presence during sexual exchanges experiencing the conscious placement of attention. Learning to recognize wrong habits and patterns, dictated by distorted messages that our society sends on sexuality and that limit pleasure instead of expanding it.

The sexological bodywork as said took shape to create a Safe Space and protected and for this reason it is also suitable for people who are veterans from sexual abuse as well as for those who feel cut off from the power of erotic emotions, from desire or feel it is impossible to communicate the choice in sexual exchanges Highly emotional.

SB undertakes to expand and complete the services offered by sexologists, psychologists and physicians. This kind of purely practical work differs from the professions mentioned for direct contact with the body.