About me

How do I work

I want to give everyone the chance to experience the same freedom that I found. My wish is that everyone can feel honored, seen and listened to their sexuality.

The most important attention during my work will be to respect the person you are and to honor your body profoundly, any gender or shape. Together we can explore the erotic language of your body, the interaction between deep relaxation and excitement.

I’ll support you in discovering what you’ll need to feel safe enough to have more confidence in your intuition and discover your inner strengths and resources. I will welcome with infinite compassion any kind of block, trauma and shame that have brought you to me. Each of us is born with the ability to receive pleasure and access and cultivate our own erotic energy.

Through the body we will transform unconscious models into new learned behaviors.

Your body knows what it needs, and you can learn to listen to what it requires and choose what’s best for satisfying your deepest desires. Starting exactly where you are, with your attention and your integrity, you can discover your most authentic, delicious, wise and fully alive being. My practice is trauma informed and centered on you. All attitudes, decisions and activities will only be oriented to your health and wellbeing.

I’m constantly under professional supervision.

My Story

Although my interest and curiosity about sexuality and all its forms have always been an integral part of my life I would hardly have imagined that it could become my profession.

My path to increased body awareness began about ten years ago. After the birth of my children I began to perceive a strong change in myself. Pregnancy and changes in my body after childbirth have put a strain on my already very low self-esteem. I was afraid of not being more attractive to my husband and I wanted at all costs to find a way to get back to the center of his attention. I thought I’d do it by deepening my knowledge of sexuality.

I have always been curious about different approaches in sexuality, my first book on Tantra I bought it just 18 years old, but this time I wanted to deepen this knowledge in a less “housewife manner”.

I chose to learn the Tantra massage. It was a first step towards a decisive and unexpected change. The initial intention to attract the attention of my husband has turned into something more profound and personal.

As in every path of life, there are no shortcuts or roads without obstacles. Working with the body and sexuality can trigger hidden problems. My unsolved and neglected traumatic experiences of the past have begun to emerge on the surface. I began to understand the transformative power of a conscious and attentive touch.

So I started looking for an approach that would allow me to include in my professional and personal growth not only the touch but also the deeper teachings on intimacy and sexuality.

SB was the natural landing, a new revolution in my life!

I discovered a conscious, authentic, confident and embodied sexuality. I learned to take responsibility for my pleasure and to ask what I want without shame. I finally realized that my pleasure and my sexuality do not depend on my partner’s abilities. I learned to honor and communicate my boundaries. Understanding the meaning of this word would have spared me many painful experiences. I love my body as it is and I always wonder how it can surprise me with completely new sensations every day.

Understanding the dynamics of pleasure and trauma in the body still remains a personal curiosity and a professional necessity. I keep studying both, because there’s always something new to discover. It’s a university for life.

I continue to grow as a person and as a professional, making choices that are not always simple, but this is exactly what I teach and in which I want to support you. Understand that we have a choice.

My Trainings

  • Certification in Sexological Bodywork (EASE – European Academy of Somatic Education)
  • Post graduate – Advanced training (Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology) in corso
  • Embodied Counselling (Institute of Somatic Sexology)
  • Trauma Training for bodywork professionals (Sea School of Embodiment-Caffyn Jesse, Katie Sarra)
  • Going to the heart of sexual trauma / Somatic Experiencing – Ariel Giarretto (MS, LMFT, SEP)
  • Energetics of Intimacy and Attachment (Ariel Giarretto, MS, LMFT, SEP)
  • Working in the Expanded triadic model for touch professionals training
    (Institute for Mind body therapy)
  • Like a Pro training – The Wheel of consent (Betty Martin, Robyn Dalzen, Matthias Schwenteck)
  • Female Pelvic Floor Training (Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS)
  • School of Tantra and Tantra massage (Tantra World)
  • Conscious Sensuality (Institute of Conscious sensuality)
  • Abyangam Practitioner / One year training (Joytinat International College of Yoga and Ayurveda)
  • Others related to sexuality, intimacy, somatic approach, trauma.

My Experience

Since 2012 I have opened my practice that continues to evolve. Every year I add one or more trainings to my curriculum to deepen my knowledge of sexuality, intimacy, trauma, attachment and somatic approaches.

In 2015 I became the first Certified Sexological bodyworker in Italy.

In 2017 I was asked to create a course for psychologists and psychotherapists as a deepening of the topics relating to sexuality.

In 2018, me and my collegue which is also psychotherapist decided to create a series of workshops called “Orienting towards pleasure” to help women heal from their traumatic experiences. Also in 2018 I became a member of the “Lovegiver“, nonprofit organization, which is introducing sexual care for disabled people in Italy.

From 2019, I join the association Piccole grandi impronte to create sex education programs for parents and children.

I am also a contributor to the Sexual Health Project for People with Spinal Injury Love&Life promoted by the Unipolar Spinal Unit of the Hospital of Perugia and University of Perugia.

I include my passion for yoga in the sessions. Inspired by Bessel van der Kolk I am deepening my knowledge of the use of yoga asa tool for healing trauma.

My experience has also led me to deepen the application of some aspects of BDSM in the work with trauma. I am currently experimenting with the fusion of yoga and BDSM.