Adriana Giammaria

Somatic Sex Educator
Certified Sexological Bodyworker
Trauma Informed Embodiment Educator

About me

As a somatic sex educator I believe that pleasure is our birthright and that sex education and sexual health are fundamental human rights. My life is dedicated to deepening the knowledge of the techniques of “embodiment” and discovering the full potential of the body.

I am a curious explorer of pleasure and Eros. What I teach I’ve tried first on myself. My work therefore derives from my lived experience. My teaching derives from the mistakes made, from the wounds suffered, from the moments when I compromised my integrity or have been disconnected.

Although Sexological Bodywork is the basis of my work, I have adopted teachings from many other approaches and I have been inspired by several teachers in the field of sexuality, intimacy, trauma, attachment and somatic approaches. I believe that by improving our sexuality and becoming more embodied erotically we can create a more conscious and safe world.

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Individual sessions

If you want to improve the relationship with your body, overcome blocks related to sexuality. Work on physical or psychological trauma.

Tantra Massage

Do you want to give yourself an unforgettable experience? Do you want to explore the potential of your body and the ability to feel and enjoy?

Sessions via Skype

If you can't reach me personally we can create a coaching path via Skype.

Expanded triadic model

If you are already followed by a therapist, but you feel that to implement a real change you need to work also at the somatic level, the triadic model is what you might need.

Supervision for therapists and educators

You are a therapist looking for a guide on a problem related to sexuality for a patient you are working with or for yourself.


A path to conscious sexuality

Somatic sex education is a new exciting discipline that transforms your life through body awareness in the form of erotic Embodiment (incarnation/erotic implementation). This is

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What I can say about my new experience is that we women should really experience… This kind of massage was enlightening to me…Forsaking shame. Abandoning all the weights we carry inside….A journey to do… Within ourselves. Nice. The right choice. For me. Thanks Adriana. Really.

Rita, 50 years, Tantra massage